Galilel Masternode Guide - ENG

Time required: 20 mins

Download Galilel wallet for your operating system

All wallets can be found here:

To speed up the synchronisation you can download the bootstrap file and replace your wallet files by the bootstrap ones.

Download latest bootstrap: and select 'Blockchain Snapshot'

Setup your wallet ready for the Masternode (part 1)

  1. Go to the 'Receive' tab, enter a label name and click 'Request payment'. Then select 'Copy Address'

The address is automatically input

2. Go to the 'Send' tab, paste the address and send exactly 15 000 Gali. Wait for 12 confirmations

3. go to the menu 'Tools' then 'Debug Console' and enter the following commands

masternode genkeys

copy the genkey to notepad

masternode outputs

copy the outputs and the index (0 or 1) to notepad

The first part of your wallet setup is done. We will know setup the VPS and come back to the wallet after to finish the setup

Setup your VPS (part 1)

Login to your VPS (via putty, bitvise, terminal, etc...). If you do not know how to login, please refer to your VPS provider instructions.

Enter the following command one at a time:

chmod +x

The script will now install the masternode, the process can take 10 to 15 minutes

Once the installation is completed, you need to check different synchronisation status with the following commands:

galilel-cli getinfo

the line 'blocks' must show the same block as the explorer

galilel-cli mnsync status

the line 'RequestedMasternodeAssets' must show 999

Setup your wallet ready for the Masternode (part 2)

  1. Go to 'Settings' then 'Open Masternode Configuration File'. Notepad will open with an example of the input required

Format: alias IP:port masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index

2. You need to enter a new line following the example:

  • replace 'IP:port' with the IP of your VPS and add :36001 at the end of the IP

  • replace 'masternodeprivkey' with the genkey generated earlier

  • replace 'collateral_output_txid' with the outputs generated earlier

  • replace 'collateral_output_index' with the index generated earlier (0 or 1)

So your line will look like this (with each parameters matching your console outputs):

mn1 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0

You can put any label you want instead of mn1, the label will show in the masternode tab

3. Save the file, close and re-open your wallet

4. Go to the 'Masternode' tab, highlight your masternode and select 'Start Alias'. You will get a pop-up saying 'Masternode started successfully'

Setup your VPS (part 2)

Back in your VPS, you just need to enter one line of code to confirm that your Masternode has started successfully:

galilel-cli masternode status