Welcome to Galilel Wiki


Galilel Coin is a community driven crypto currency with full transparency and utilizing a public development method. The trust relationship between investors and the project team is the key to success. Therefore, we have created a GitHub organization named Galilel-Project , which tracks all our development activities in public repositories including all our backend code and passed Know Your Developer (KYD) public verification. The project uses mostly MIT , GPLv3 and CC-BY-NC 4.0 open source and open content licenses. The translation and localization uses Transifex platform.

What is Galilel

Galilel Coin (GALI and zGALI) is an open-source public and private Proof-of-Stake digital crypto currency for fast (using SwiftX), private (Zerocoin protocol) and secure micro transactions. Our main goal is to create a decentralized fully secure and anonymous network to run applications, which do not rely on any central body control. By having a distributed system, thousands of users will be responsible for maintaining the application and data so that there is no single point of failure