Update by Script

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Galilel-Project/galilel-scripts/master/scripts/upgrade_galilel.sh
chmod +x upgrade_galilel.sh

Update by Hand

Log in to you vps via ssh

Download the latest version of the wallet

wget https://github.com/Galilel-Project/galilel/releases/download/v3.4.0/galilel-v3.4.0-lin64.tar.gz

Type in

systemctl disable galilel.service
systemctl stop galilel.service

to stop the daemon

Extract binaries and go to the extracted directory

tar -xvzf galilel-v3.4.0-lin64.tar.gz
cd ./galilel-v3.4.0-lin64/usr/bin/

Change permissions of daemon and cli

chmod +x galileld galilel-cli

Copy daemon and cli to /usr/local/bin/

cp galileld galilel-cli /usr/local/bin/

Start the daemon again

systemctl enable galilel.service
systemctl start galilel.service

Check After Updating

Check if node is synced and ready for activation

galilel-cli getinfo


galilel-cli getmasternodestatus