Since the zerocoin protocol had cryptographical flaws in its design, we had to disabled it. Now with block 681.000 it is enabled again with a fix that allows to convert zGALI back to GALI. In later versions zerocoin protocol will be replaced by another privacy protocol

How to Convert Back?

Open your wallet an go to "Privacy" tab

BLUE: Your zGALI balances

GREEN: Denomonation values. Your zGALI balance consists of denominations of zGALI. For example 67 zGALI would be 1x50 + 1x10 + 1x5 + 2x1. With spend enaled again, you will be able to spend 500 denominations at once to make the conversion back to GALI faster

RED: Here you spend your zGALI

Type in the "Pay to" field one of your own addresses and adjust the amount to convert, then click "Spent Zerocoin"

The spending proccess may take a bit, so please be patient and wait for it to be finished before starting the next spend